01 August 2002

I thought it might be useful to post something about this blog. Otherwise, my fascination for John Winthrop (see below) might seem a bit...odd.

I am a graduate student (as the title of my blog suggests) at a university in the northeast that shall remain nameless. I have just completed my second year in a program for a PhD in Early American History. This means I begin teaching and working on my dissertation this fall.

My blog will include tidbits of early americana, like I posted yesterday, as well as my thoughts on the state of the field in general. As I begin teaching and writing the longish piece that is the bane of most graduate students' existence, I thought I'd share those experiences as well. I'll also write about politics (from a slightly left-of-center perspective), anything I happen to be reading, or anything else that pops into my head.

In the "anything else that pops into my head" category, CNN has an interesting poll today. Do you think your dog's bark is a) just a bark, b) an attempt to talk, and c) I'm a cat person. I am one of the 66% of respondents who believes b). Yes, my dogs talk. Any other dog owner worth his or her salt will tell you the same. Of course, I could have responded c), as well. Meow!


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