23 August 2002

Two disturbing stories in this morning's New York Times.

The first deals with Cobb County Georgia's school district, which recently mandated the teaching of biblical "theories" of creation alongside evolution. Yes, I know all the arguments against this silly policy, and I won't rehash them here. I find it disturbing that the Christian right can exert so much influence that teaching the methods of scientific inquiry and criticism are being diluted in favor of unsubstantiated stories that require a specific religious belief for understanding. ( I would hate to be Hindu in Cobb County these days...) You can see the story here.

Also of interest is Nicholas Kiristoff's column on the new Florida law requiring women who have a child out of wedlock and who wish to give the baby up for adoption to print detailed sexual histories in their local newspapers in order to inform the probably father(s) of their intention to give the baby up. I can think of no greater threat to the privacy of both men and women than this law--which includes RAPE VICTIMS. I can think that this requirement will only lead to an increase in the incidence of abortion, and I imagine it will complicate adoptions to the point that more and more children will be trapped in Florida's already overtaxed and ineffective foster care system. I can't see anything good about this law. Read Kristoff's column here.

Kristoff also mentions that Bush has appointed a committee to reevaluate the necessity for Title IX. I don't know anything about this but as soon as I uncover reliable information, I'll be more than happy to share.

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