08 October 2002

Mitt's missing that special something in Massachusetts

Republican gubernatorial candidate and professional carpetbagger Mitt Romney has fallen further behind Democrat Shannon O'Brien in the latest polls. She now leads him 42%-30%.

I think this is probably due to Mittie's extremely poor performance in the televised debates and his sappy ad campaign. In the last debate, Mitt looked pasty and nervous and was not at all in command of his facts. At one point he suggested the formation of an unemployment program that already exists. He then told an incredulous audience that debates were boring and probably put voters to sleep. What a way to win voters and influence the undecideds.

His ad campaign, which shows him and his wife telling the story of how they met and Mitt rough-housing with his sons is the perfect example of how not to run political ads. What this ad showed was a wealthy, white family that didn't resonate with most families in economically strapped Massachusetts. It sure didn't resonate with me--I felt sick every time it came on the TV.

Shannon O'Brien is trouncing Mitt among women voters as well, a sure sign that Mitt's "family values" are alienating everyone from pro-choice voters to single moms to women with high-powered careers.

After the debates I revised my opinion of O'Brien. I am impressed by her command of policy issues and her public-speaking abilities. I would have preferred Reich, but in his absence, I'll be more than happy to vote for O'Brien next month.

You can see the whole poll here.


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