24 November 2002

Dean for President in 2004?

Vermont Governor Howard Dean is currently the only declared Democratic candidate for President. I've been thinking for quite some time that in order to bear Bush in 2004 the Dems will have to run an outsider. Dean is the ideal dark horse candidate, and he has the courage to say things about the current administration that other potential candidates (Kerry, Edwards) have not. The Bush tax cut is "hooey," as Dean puts it, and the war against Iraq is "illegitimate." These are strong words the national party has been unwilling to speak.

The big time media coverage hasn't caught on to Dean yet, but you can read an article about him in today's Boston Globe Magazine.

Dean also has a website.that details his health care and education achievements.

It's a little early for me to talk about supporting Dean, but I'll be watching him closely and posting interesting tidbits.


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