02 July 2003

Research Trip and Crooked Colorado Republicans

I am leaving for a research trip to Virginia (yes indeed, dissertation progress WILL be made) tomorrow, but once there, I am not sure how consistently I will have access to the Internet for non-research purposes. So I expect posting will be lighter than usual for the next three or four weeks. I am sure all five of my regular readers will miss me terribly. I intend to keep a research diary of sorts that I will post parts of when I get back. Historian types might find it interesting.

As a parting gift, I leave you with this Washington Post article about redistricting in Colorado, which was kindly passed on to me by my father. In it, one Republican says,

"Nonpartisanship is not an option," state Senate President John Andrews wrote in a newspaper column responding to critics. "There are only two kinds of Congress to choose from: one where . . . Republicans hold the majority, or one where . . . Democrats do."

These are the kind of sentiments that so frustrated Professor Cooper six weeks back...I thought he would be driven out of the blogosphere entirely for a while, although I am glad to see he's back. I too find these kind of comments frustrating. It may not be obvious from my blog entries which are generally full of outrage, but I do believe there are plenty of issues where Dems and Republicans can come together and do the business of governing. I am not sure where the hatred of people like John Andrews is coming from. But it doesn't say a lot about the health of our republic.

I suspect this one willl be up to the courts to untangle. And the cynic in me reminds everyone to remember which party is now busily packing the courts.


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