09 October 2003

How 'bout them Red Sox?

Wow. I've spent the entire season reviling Tim Wakefield. I take it all back. Last night, the Yankees looked like the Red Sox, running through four pitchers in one inning. Sure, there were a few nervous moments. But overall, an outstanding start for the Sox. May they keep it up.

While I'm on the subject of The Game, I must say that Fox's coverage STINKS. Last night featured frequent commercial interruptions, so that many times viewers were returned to the game after another inning had started, missing several pitches. And the announcers, whoever they were, were not very good at actually narrating the game. I was in the kitchen for the first few innings with the TV turned way up, expecting to at least hear what was happening ("Wakefield high and outside" or something like that) but no such luck.

You can check out the Boston Globe's coverage here. I love that Dan Shaughnessy is calling the ALCS the "Fung Wah Bus Series!"


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