14 October 2003

Sox win AGAIN!!!

The Sox picked up another game last night 3-2, tying the ALCS. You can read the Globe's coverage here. The article makes the excellent point that Tim Wakefield is turning into an ace of a pitcher, and the Sox bullpen is actually helping win games instead of lose them:

Wakefield and the Sox won the game, 3-2, and now the ALCS reset button has been pushed. A strange series just got stranger. The Sox and Yankees are tied at two games apiece, and now Boston no longer talks as if getting the ball to Pedro Martinez again is the ultimate plan. Now they talk as if they have two aces. There is Pedro, the man who knows about being debated and discussed at playoff time. And there is Wakefield, the man who knows how it feels not to be picked for the playoff squad.

Incidentally, The Globe also obtained a copy of the police report filed after Saturday's bullpen incident. It turns out that the fan in the Yankees' bullpen was actually a Fenway groundskeeper who was cheering for the Sox. (This sort of partisanship is apparently against Sox policy.) At any rate, Yankee pitcher Jeff Nelson and Right Fielder Karim Garcia beat the guy up pretty badly...there were cleat marks on his back and neck.

So let's think about this: two Yankees players beat up an unarmed guy who happened to be cheering for the Red Sox. Nelson didn't get fined at all; Garcia was fined $10,000. Pedro Martinez was rushed by a Yankees coach and got fined $50,000, while Don "Bowling Ball" Zimmer got fined $5,000. Clearly MLB is biased against the Sox. I'm not excusing anyone's behavior during Saturday's game, but I do expect MLB's disciplinary arm to deal out fines fairly. That has not happened.


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