13 October 2003


According to the New York Times:

With no game Sunday, the fallout from Saturday's chaos dominated the day. Major League Baseball fined Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martínez and outfielder Manny Ramirez, and Yankees right fielder Karim Garcia and the bench coach, Don Zimmer, for their roles in a brawl in the fourth inning of Game 3. Martínez was fined $50,000, Ramirez $25,000, Garcia $10,000 and Zimmer $5,000, The Associated Press reported.

How is it that Don "Bowling Ball" Zimmer rushed Pedro, who was just standing there during the brawl, gets fined only $5,000? Are we supposed to feel bad because he's an old geezer? He deliberately attacked the starting pitcher for the opposing team. Good grief.

Wakefield is starting tonight again. May be repeat his performance of last week!


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