16 October 2003


My regular readers have probably noticed by now that I only blog about the Sox when they win. That's generally because I am too upset to do anything but sit around and be cranky when they lose. But last night's game was amazing. I watched it at first by myself in my apartment until the Sox were up 4-1. Then in the car on the way to an event in Copley Square, I listened with my boyfriend as the Yankees rallied to 5-4. I was very depressed. Then, at the event (an art auction to benefit Copley Square) I watched the game again on a TV that the organizers had helpfully placed by the silent auction items, I watched the Yankees score again, 6-4. At that point I started drinking copious amounts of wine, hoping to drown my sorrows once again. And then, the Sox offense turned on. What an amazing rally.

And, to make things even better, Nomar is apparently out of his slump. Bob Ryan writes in today's Globe:

For high onto six weeks, he's been the Stepford Nomah, not Our Nomah. He's been Nomah the Poppah-Uppah. Nomah the Whiffah. Nomah the 6-4-3ah. Nomah the Rally-Killah. Our Nomah was famous for making hard outs. This Nomah was a glorified Mark Belanger. All over New England people were praying to the Deity of their choice, all demanding the same thing: "Please, God, give us back our Nomah!"

Last night the prayers were (finally) answered. Nomah singled to right in the first. Nomah singled to center in the fifth. Nomah ignited the big seventh-inning rally with a triple off the center-field fence (scoring on Hideki Matsui's accompanying throwing error). Nomah had a single behind the third base bag in the eighth. Nomah went 4 for 5 and scored two runs. He'll be fully back when he hits a three-run homah off Rogah tonight, but four-fifths, or seven-eighths, or whatever it was of Nomah was a tremendously welcome sight for the Boston Red Sox.

And Trot Nixon continued his hitting heroics with a homer in the top of the ninth. Johnny Damon's two catches in the bottom of the ninth were phenomenal as well. Tonight's pitching match up promises great excitement. Go Sox! Reverse the Curse!


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