04 February 2004

Pharmacist Refuses to Fill EC Prescription for Rape Victim

A pharmacist at Eckherd Pharmacy in Denton, Texas refused to fill an EC prescription for a rape victim. My initial reaction to this naturally was, well, it's Texas, what else do people expect? But then the outrage set in. How can a man refuse to fill a legally tendered prescription? Even more than that, what gives a pharmacist the right to sentence a woman to potentially carrying an unwanted pregnancy (especially one that is the result of rape?)

In this case the woman was able to fll the prescription at another pharmacy and Eckherd has disciplined the pharmacist. I'll remind everyone, though, that this situation can be avoided in the future if the FDA approves over-the-counter EC.

You can read an article about the incident in the Boston Globe. I found out about it initially through a Planned Parenthood of North Texas press release, but interestingly, when I looked at websites for the Austin American-Statesman and the Dallas Morning News, there were no articles. Hmmm...


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