11 July 2005

Kitty Blog

This cute cat is Princess Nani Lani. Her name means "Beautiful Sky" in Hawaiian. Although you can't really tell from this picture, she has big blue eyes. In this picture though, she is just doing her favorite "come pay attention to me" cat pose--and of course she's leaving lots of creamy hair all over the rug!

Nani resides with my parents, and because of my landlords' (that would be the President and Fellows of Harvard College!) draconian no pets policy, she can never come for a visit.

I think graduate students should be allowed cats in University housing. Grad students, as readers of this blog are probably aware, are often stressed-out anxiety-ridden dissertators who simply need some feline-style relief. Not only does petting a cat lower blood pressure, but we could all learn from the laid back example of cats, who always make plenty of time for good food, good play, and of course, naps!


At Tuesday, July 12, 2005 2:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Princess Nani Lani also is exceedingly comforting in the middle of the night! Purring seems to lull me back to sleep. Mammamoo


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