19 September 2005

On Tribble, The Final Episode...

...although I'll be back with the sequel as soon as I've finished sifting through the more than thirty emails I've received from grad student and non-grad student bloggers.

For those of you who don't know about this effort, here's the short version: I'm interested in finding out if grad student bloggers really are at a disadvantage on the job market, as Tribble suggested. More than thirty responses is a lot, but I want more!!

Here's the survey--please take it!

I had originally asked for humanities and social sciences bloggers, but some correspondence with Bill Tozier convinced me that wasn't really representative or useful. So, science, math, and other non-humanities and social science bloggers, please report in for duty! If any lawbloggers read this site, I'd be interested in any professional harm lawbloggers have come to (something tells me lawblogs are an asset...)

Please, keep the responses coming! You all are awesome!


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