17 October 2005

More Library Thing Fun

I have finished cataloguing what I would call "academic books." That is, all my history books, plus reference materials, dictionaries and grammars (English,Spanish,and German), and textbooks. I am now at the 400-book mark, although I have more than that. Library Thing counts boxed sets as one book, so I actually have more like 415. This count does not include, of course, the European and Latin American history and biography remaining at my parents' house.

So, the next Library Thing project: commence putting all my fiction (serious and fun) and my non-history non-fiction in.

I suspect that once I'm done I'll have over 600 books in my apartment. That isn't so bad now that I have a one-bedroom apartment. But just think: at this time last year all those books were stuffed into a studio apartment. Yikes.


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