07 February 2006

Tuesday Afternoon links

Dear readers, I do apologize for my long silence. Dissertation and job-related stuff always takes precedence over the blog!

The Elfin Ethicist hosted the Twenty-Fourth History Carnival last week and I've just now gotten around to looking it over. Great stuff, as always. Of particular interest to me were Nathanael Robinson's brief review and Colin Calloway's more extensive discussion of the PBS series The War that Made America about the Seven Years' War. I watched too, just a little bit, in between frantic bouts of dissertating, and I thought that most of the program was based closely on Fred Anderson's book The Crucible of War. (An excellent book, by the way, just leave yourself several weeks to read it.)

(I'll also note here the Oxford University Press group blog. Those who doubt the utility of academic blogging might enjoy taking a look at it. Also, reader Ian Best sends me his list of academic blogging resources.)

There's also a new Early Modern Carnivalesque. I'm making my way through it, slowly, but I've so far enjoyed this entry on a sixteenth-century reading machine. I'd pay good money for a twenty-first-century dissertation writing machine!

Today's Boston Globe has a column by Ellen Goodman on Betty Friedan.

Lastly, reader Joanne P. sent me an inquiry about an early eighteenth-century record in the Executive Journals of the Council of Virginia. I'm working on it!


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