12 November 2008

Quick post-election, non-Obama post

So I'm working on a think piece for the Journal of Southern History about where we are in the origins debate (slavery), including transatlantic origins, and the role culture and religion played in sustaining slavery. (I know! This is a lot for 15 double-spaced pages!)

I had thought it would be fun, and useful, to look through back issues of Slavery and Abolition, which includes a yearly bibliographical roundup of publications on slavery. This would be a way to gauge, in the first or second paragraph, the vastness of current scholarship on slavery generally, and then to show how large even a subset of slavery studies, say, the colonial south, is.

To my joy, I discovered S & A's annual bibliographical supplement is now online at http://www.vcdh.virginia.edu/bibliographyofslavery. The bibliography is fully searchable, which is neat. Not so neat is the opening page, which states clearly the number of entries in the bibliography: "The database contains over XXXX bibliographical references from XXXX to XXXX."




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