28 June 2005

Blogger problem, part III

Yesterday evening I received a pleasant but unhelpful email from Blogger support about the enormous blank space below this post, recommending that I look at the Blogger help pages for a solution. I had actually already done that. So, I replied to the email, reiterating the problem, and now hope for a solution.

27 June 2005

Blogger Issues, Continued

It is now 4pm EST and I guess the workday is winding down for the Blogger folk, for I have yet to receive any explanation or ameliorative advice from Blogger about the enormous blank spaces in my posts. Anyone out there had a similar issue? Anyone know how to fix it? Please feel free to comment (scroll down quite far until you hit this post's comment feature).

Blogger Issues

I have just (at 9:45EST) emailed Blogger to complain about the blank spaces appearing in my posts. We'll see how long it takes for Blogger to either fix the problem or get back to me. In the mean time, anyone wanna coach me on a switch to MT?

24 June 2005

Fight the Power...

And start a blog. Or at least, take the survey.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Now the question is, how do I get rid of the enormous blank space below this post? I assure you, this is a new Blogger behavior. I will sort it out eventually...

23 June 2005

Resettled, at Last, Sort of

The light (read: nonexistant) posting of late is easily explained: I've been in the process of moving back to Cambridge from Virginia.

First, though, I went out to California for the Berkshire Conference. I enjoyed the Berks; my paper went well and I received a number of helpful comments. (My curmudgeonly attitude towards conferences aside, Mary Beth Norton pointed out a Maryland document I have overlooked that will change the look of my fornication/marriage chapter substantially.) I even went to the dance for a little while--although I was jet-lagged and soon went to bed. People who went to the dance seemed to be enjoying themselves, but I still have to say, an academic conference is a strange place for a dance.

I then spent some time with my parents in PA before returning to Cambridge to reenter, with some trepidation, the Cambridge rental housing market. For the uninitiated, Boston has the third-most expensive housing in the country, after New York City and San Francisco. This means advertisements in papers are generally useless (often apartments are let almost as soon as the paper comes out) and even CraigsList is a battleground. Real estate agents show you crap apartments with high rents and high fees and then pressure you to sign a lease, right here, right now. After a day of this I was tired and cranky. But, the next day I checked the Harvard affiliated housing immediate occupancy database and I was able to acquire an apartment the easy way, which is to say: I did not have to pay first, last, security, or realtor's fee. My little place lacks charm but makes up for that small fault with plenty of storage space, cleanliness, and, location location location.

So now that I'm settled (or at the very least perched on an air mattress while I await the arrival of my stuff out of storage) I can return to blogging. A belated thanks to Sharon Howard, who included "To Count or not to Count, That is the Question" in History Carnival #9. The recognition is much appreciated!