18 December 2006

End of Year Carbon Report

On 16 June 2006 I picked up the most expensive piece of machinery I have ever purchased--a 2006 silver Honda Civic Hybrid. Since I was moving to Houston (a city with a reputation for bad public transport) from Boston (a city where owning a car is ridiculously difficult and not worth the expense or effort), I needed a car. So I splurged and got a properly green car.

(I researched both the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid. The Prius and the Civic get comparable gas mileage but the Prius was more expensive.)

So here are my stats (since 16 June 2006):

miles: 6,436
lifetime mpg: 47.9
number of tanks: 13
total gallons of gas: 134.4

My record tank was my drive from Chilhowie, Virginia, to West Memphis, Arkansas, a drive across the entire length of Tennessee: 55.7 mpg.


By my calculations, with my $2500 federal income tax credit, if gas remains about where it is in Houston today ($2.159/gal), my car's $3000 premium for the hybrid power train will have paid for itself within 18 months of purchase. Hurrah!


01 December 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

My best feature: my long, luxurious tail! I adore my tail! I love to capture it! Sometimes I even feel moved to chew on it! And then it hurts...but I still can't resist chasing it!